Product - Vodience

RankOne’s brings an innovative product that has the capability to change online engagement with customers in a Live broadcast environment (both TV and Web), thereby bringing new and unique ways to engage, retain and attractviewers, which creates possibilities of new revenue streams for service providers.

RankOne’s Vodience creates an environment which transforms any content (broadcasts such as music concerts, live news telecast and sports events) into interactive social event. Vodience offers viewers to select a virtual graphical identity that will represent them in the crowd, to make designed, animated human gestures, text messages and visualized ratings. Vodience also allows their viewers to explore other people in the crowd and to determine their own personalized crowd view.

RankOne’s Vodience offers:

  • An unique, social way to explore content
  • A new revenue stream for service providers (broadcasters and publishers)
  • An interactive way to increase viewing time and unique hits


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